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Table 5 Differential diagnosis of chronic liver diseases according to the presence or absence of autoantibodies against molecularly defined autoantigens of cytochrome P450 complex using the radioligand assay.

From: Autoantibodies and autoantigens in autoimmune hepatitis: important tools in clinical practice and to study pathogenesis of the disease

Anti-CYP2D6 Anti-CYP2A6 Anti-CYP1A2 Chronic liver disease
+ - - AIH-2 (94–100%), HCV (0–10%)
- + - HCV, APECED with or without hepatitis
- - + AIH in APECED, drug induced hepatitis
+ + - HCV (0–7%)
- + + AIH in APECED
  1. Abbreviations are the same as shown in the text.