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Figure 1 | Journal of Autoimmune Diseases

Figure 1

From: Antibodies to soluble liver antigen and α-enolase in patients with autoimmune hepatitis

Figure 1

Immunoblot patterns produced by anti-α-enolases and anti-tRNP(Ser)Sec antibodies on electrophoretically separated primate and rat liver homogenates and dot blot results with recombinant tRNP(Ser)Sec. In both rat and primate liver preparations, a band of ~48 kDa is immunofixed by a polyclonal goat IgG anti-α-enolase specific antibody; a band of ~50 kDa is immunofixed by a serum containing a high-titre anti-tRNP(Ser)Sec antibody. Anti-α-enolase antibody does not recognize tRNP(Ser)Sec by dot blot analysis.

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