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Figure 1

From: Autoantibodies against the chromosomal passenger protein INCENP found in a patient with Graham Little-Piccardi-Lassueur syndrome

Figure 1

Immunofluorescence of human cells with Graham Little autoimmune serum. (A-E) localization of GL autoantigen in red and INCENP in green during interphase (A), prophase (B), metaphase (C), anaphase (D) and telophase (E). Anti-tubulin staining is shown in white and merge images with DNA in blue. GL autoantigen co-localizes with passenger protein INCENP in human U2OS cells. (F-G) Co-localization of GL autoantigen in red with INCENP in white and Aurora B in green at metaphase (F) and telophase (G). The merge images represent GL, Aurora B and DAPI. Scale bars 10 micro m.

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