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Figure 4

From: Autoantigenic nuclear proteins of a clinically atypical renal vasculitis

Figure 4

Autoantibodies detection in controls and in sera from patients suffering of vasculitides. Panel A shows a western blot probed with the serum from the patient subject of the study and panel B the western blot probed with serum from a representative healthy control. Panels C to H show western blot analysis of autoantibodies in several vasculitis patient's sera, suffering SLE (C to E), PAN (F to H and L), MPA (I), WG (J) and CSS (K). Panels M to Q show western blot analysis of autoantibodies of five patients suffering form diabetic microangiopathy. Specific molecular mass for each recombinant protein are shown between panels A and C, B and F, I and J and N and O.

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